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ole | classy

this beanie is called ole | the definition
"ole [has] a deep inner desire to inspire others in a higher cause,
and to share their own strongly held views on spiritual matters."
"he enjoys physical activity and good old-fashioned fun"
have a look on their very unique outfit. it looks great!
"she is my ole lady and i love her madly"
"a nickname for a cute person"
"likes playing raffi on his acoustic guitar. dislikes cookies - likes cake"
"in danish the meaning of the name ole is - family"

kalle | smart

this beanie is called kalle | the definition
„extremely rare beauty inside & out, a good listener very smart and funny too,
he can cheer you up when [you’re] down.“
„loves to be creative with his arts and crafts.“
„he‘s such a kalle“
„he must be a kalle“
„wow, i can‘t believe i‘m with kalle“
„dude, did you just see that kalle over there?“
„if you are ever lucky enough to have a kalle
in your life then you have found a rare treasure.“

pelle | jolly

this beanie is called pelle | the definition
„the coolest person in the world.“
„used in sentences for describing a person, means very nice.“
„in romance, you are seldom the loser and are usually the one breaking hearts.“
„that guy is very pelle!“
„pelle is a great dude.“
„that’s a very tasty looking pelle“
„a bit of a show off, he loves attention and admiration.“
„luckily, he is the embodiment of charm an elegance.“

frida | sweetly

this headband is called frida | the definition
„very cute girl. you can say that’s a [real] frida when you see a hot girl.“
„a woman who has a mustache.“
„guy 1. look at that girl!
 guy 2. yeah, she’s definitely  a frida.“
„girl- look it’s frida“
„isn’t she breathtaking? yeah… it’s frida isn’t she?“
„there is nothing, and there never will be, someone like frida.“
„a girl, who has no idea how beautiful she is.“

ida | woah

this headband is called ida | the definition
„often associated with the word »cool«.«
„a person who is so super mega hardcore amazing that you have to step back and just go »whoa!«.«
 „oh my heck, it’s ida!!
she is so amazing!! whoa!“
„damn she’s so cool! just like ida.“
„i love you“
„ida means the same as »fabulous«.“
„short for i would have“

hilda | fluffy

this beanie is called hilda | the definition
strength from within or warrior
hildas are generally strong , loving individuals who create life long bonds with friends and lovers .
she will be there for you when you need her, willing to put up a fight.
„this girl is a hilda. I love my hilly“
„hilda's are beautiful , outgoing , sometimes shy girls“

lasse | fresh

this beanie is called lasse | the definition
a really nice guy who is so awesome that if you`d count to his awesomeness, you would never get finished.
lasse is also a word for an extremely smart guy. (his iq is over 9000)
lasses also knows the answer to everything, but they won't tell anyone.
„wow that guy is so lasse. I wish that i could be just as lasse as him.“
„you see that guy over there? I bet he's a lasse.“